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Rajasthani dresses and Indian dresses are extremely vibrant, reflecting in a way the spirit of the people here in india. Indian traditional dresses and Rajasthani Dresses are designed and tailored keeping in mind the climate and conditions in which indians live. Royal costumes of Rajasthani dresses reflect the royal taste and look of the Rajasthan. Jaipurwala is the fast leading manufacturer and exporter of Rajasthani Garments including rajasthani garments, Rajasthani Dresses, Rajasthani Salwar Kameez, Indian Salwar Kameez, Indian Dresses, Indian Garments, Indian Jewellery, indian traditional dresses, Bangle, Lac Bangles, lakh bangles and lakh gift boxes. Our company has been one of the fastest growing supplier and exporters of a comprehensive array of Lakh items .


The popular Rajasthani dresses that prevails in Rajasthan are:
View All Products Dhoti
Turban (Saafa, Pagri)
Jodhpuri Suits
Rajasthani Partywear Suitsindian men dress
Rajasthani Sherwani
Rajasthani Lehenga Choli
Rajasthani Salwar Kameez
Embroidered Salwar Kameez
Rajasthani Ghagra Choli
Rajasthani Sarees
Kurta pyjama
Odhnis (Lugri)
Kanchli or Kunchuki
Jootis or Mojaris
Lac jewellery

Rajasthani Sarees In Rajasthan mostly women wear either rajasthani sarees or ghaghra cholis. Rajasthani Saree or Indian Saree may be either cotton or silk and are generally embroidered. Mostly Ghagras and Lehengas are embroidered and decorated by silver threads and artificial shiny threads and semi precious stones/gems may replace the showy colored stones. Jodhpuri Suit is famous all over the world as an important Rajasthani Dress. Jodhpuri Suit was mainly accepted outfit of the kings and rulers of Rajasthan. Indian traditional dresses are still extensively worn in Rajasthan and all over india  and the change has merged with tradition and local fashions. You can found 1000 different types of pagaris in rajasthani dresses collection. We also exports Bangle, Lac Bangles, lakh bangles, lakh, Indian Jewellery, indian traditional dresses from jaipur, india.

Indian dresses and rajasthani costumes are a combination of cultural image and weather proof designing covering the royalty and luxories life. Indain garments are fit and flowing clothes and these indian traditional dresses are generally cut out to cover up most of the our body, this prevents direct sunburns. Rajasthanis own royal and distinctive style of dressing which reflects in royal Jodhpuri Suits, turbans, professional Pagribands, Angarakha, Jootis and Odhnis. Our rajasthani sarees is worth a buy for normal wear and special ocassion wear. Rajasthani Saree can has Zari Type work all over the saree depending on your choice. You can buy online these indian women dresses by clicking here.

You find different variety like size, style, fabric and design in our Lehenga Choli collection, Rajasthani Sarees collection, Rajasthani Salwar Kameez, Indian Jewellery, indian traditional dresses. We have offered various segments of these for party wear as well. Indian Salwar kameez tailored by us decorated with embroidery and mirror work. The dupatta of embroidery salawar kameez is also has elegant embroidery work. You can find more products here in our all products section.