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Rajasthan in India is world renowned place for its handcrafted jewellery making art Meenakari Work which we can also define as enameling on metal. You can see the samples of Meenakari work at, India has always been accepted as a land of art and craft, by the world. Pendant sets is an inevitable part of jewellery shopping for every woman. In terms of  designs of elements as well as the material used for lakh jewelry, there is a natural mixing of the traditional jewelry and the modern jewelry.

A high degree of skill is required for Meenakari work. These meenakari work is accomplished by skillful artists, known as 'meenakar'. The metal plate or design on which the design has to be made is fixed on a lac stick or lakh. Then, beautiful prints like flowers, fishes, birds, cranes, bubbles etc., are made on the metal. After this several beautiful colors poured and every color needs to be filled individually in the design. Rajasthan is the popular place in india for its royal Meenakari tradition. Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Nagaur etc., are some of the places where this meenakari work is mainly done.

The enameling process done on a metal surface is known as meenakari. The word Meena stands for enamel and the work ‘kari' is the art. Glass and other colored stones are crushed into very fine powder and prepared for enameling. This is mixed colored particles work in with various catalysts depending on the metal and color used. The final effect and look of meenakari work looks similar to stained glass paintings.

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