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Jaipurwala is Jaipur, Rajasthan based one of the highly praised companies engaged in manufacturing and export of wide range of lac items and lac products like Lac Bangles, lakh bangles, lac bangles jaipur, lac gift boxes. We are leading manufacture of all kind of lac Items like Lac Jewelry , lakh boxes, Antique lac jewelry boxes, lac pill boxes, lac boxes , lac gift boxes, Lac Bangles, Designer Lac Bangles, lac bangle handicraft.

Lac or lakh is the scarlet resinous secretion from a Lac producing insect known as Laccifer lacca, Carteria lacca and Tachardia lacca. These insects are cultivated to make Lac or Lakh jewelry . This plant sucking insect colonize branches on host trees and secrete the scarlet resinous pigment. The coated branches of that host trees are then cut and harvested as sticklac. Then these harvested sticklac is crushed, sieved and washed to remove impurities. Now we get end product called shellac is further heated to remove more impurities. Such we get end product Lakh.

View All Products Our lakh or lac products like bangles, lac bangles, lac gift boxes, lac pill boxes, lac boxes are designed and crafted by the finest artisans, with incomparable skills. Our craftsmen have dedicated and hardworking who strive the round the clock to make our products the best in the market. Lakh Boxes Our Lakh Jewellery, lakh jewelry, Lac Bangles are customized as per the needs and requirements of our customers. We export these Lac Pill Boxes in various countries at competitive market price. Lac Boxes
Intricately designed, our range of lac jewelry boxes and lac gift boxes are highly recommended by our customers. These lac boxes can be used as a jewelery box, Lac gift boxes, decorative pieces and for other purposes. Especially, these lac jewelry boxes are decorated with mirror work. We ensure about quality checking of our lakh products at each level of manufacturing and supplying ensuring distinct design and durability. These Lac boxes, Lac Jewelry, lakh bangles and are available in fascinating look with long lasting shine. These Lakh boxes and lac bangles are available in fascinating look with long lasting shine.