Lac Boxes

These handcrafted and engraved lac jewelry boxes available in variety of beautiful designs, offering each women a design which best suits her individual personality. is the leading enterprise engaged as manufacturer and exporter of racial range of lac bangles, indian bangles, lac jewellery, Lakh jewelry, Lac Pill Box, lac gift box, Lakh boxes, Lac Articles, Indian Necklaces, lakh Necklaces and other different types of bangles for the last four years. With us you can shop beautiful and stylish lac jewellery boxes and that too at very sensible prices from us. You can find more fantastic fashionable accessories here.

Our range of lakh boxes and lac gift boxes are highly recommended by our customers. We also design and make custom jewelry which is personalized jewelry, that you get her created on her behalf interest and fancy. Here displayed Lakh boxes and lac bangles , Indian Necklaces, Beaded Necklaces are available in fascinating look with long lasting shine.